Dec 1, 2017

It's December 1st Folks


There are probably people somewhere who do not stress about Christmas. And most of those people would be men!  In my house, I'm it -- gifts, cards, cooking, etc. If it wasn't for the Mom/Wife here, December 25th and the days leading up to it would be just like November 25th and the days leading up to it. 
Wait, that's not fair to men -- in September I met a woman at a crafty get together who had made all her cards, signed them, addressed the envelopes, and put the postage on them. I knew we had nothing in common and went and got a brownie.

So here it is, apparently 24 days to the big day, and I have a few cards made.  And I bought a couple of gifts. That's it, and I don't care. Oh, I'll get around to sending cards and I'll buy and wrap the gifts, because it really isn't that hard and I enjoy it anyway.

But here are my priorities --  

-Connect with someone who is spending Christmas without his wife for the first time in over 50 years, and to a friend with a very serious illness.  

-Be here when our son comes home, with his favorite Brownie Cheesecake fresh out of the oven. 

-Make lasagna for Christmas because that's what the husband loves and turkey and mashed potatoes for the son because that is what he loves, and fried cauliflower because we all love it, even though there will only be 3 of us.

-Walk every day because it's good for me.

-Play board games that I don't really understand because my son loves them (and loves to beat me!).

-Eat too much.

-Finish reading Beneath a Scarlet Sky.

-See the Stars War movie with husband and kid even though I have zero interest.

-Find time to spend with friends.

-Be grateful every day for every blessing.

-Hope that everyone else's life is as amazing as it looks on social media, even though I know it isn't possible. 

-Listen to Christmas music and watch all the lights.

-Obsess about political stuff because I cannot help it. 

-Stay out of the hospital!!

-Be hopeful for 2018.

How about you?  What's on your list?



Keren Baker said...

What a wonderful post to start December. My list would involve getting rid of some of the ‘must-dos’ that really aren’t and concentrating on being present and spending more time being thankful! xx

Diane McVey said...

Love your post, I cannot believe it is December!
Your priorities are perfect, I will only get to see two of my four boys, and it makes me sad I can’t see them all. Some are in KS, the others in MA and RI. Very hard to get together. Someday I hope we will all be wealthy enough to meet somewhere so we can all enjoy the holiday!
Hoping your heart is behaving well, mine is doing OK I think. I go to the Cardiologist on Dec. 5. Best wishes for a wonderful December for you and your family. Hugs. ❤️❤️❤️

Meg M. said...

I love this list and I love your honesty and perspective. Your family traditions sound wonderful and I hope your visits with your friends go well. Happy December, Joan. enjoy the moments. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Joan, I am hyperventilating that it is December. I was too cavalier with that last week of November (recovering from hosting Thanksgiving and obsessing over Washington). Same as you, I only have a few cards made, and only a few gifts purchased. I enjoyed Beneath A Scarlet Sky (can you say that about a book about WWII? I did not know much about WWII in Italy.). I am looking forward to being able to see Star Wars as a family. And, YES, I will be obsessing about political stuff, too. Happy December!

I Card Everyone said...

I've long ago given up trying to buy gifts for our family - they get a little something in their favorite color: green. So that does take so much pressure off of me - I have one of THOSE men, but you already know I think he's perfect, so let's not get started.
Getting all of the 'insides' of my Christmas cards complete, signed, and into actual envelopes will be what's on my list for this week, JB.
You will stay on my reading list - check!
Be well, Joan - the perfect gift...

Becky said...

Joan, I hope you and your family have a glorious Christmas. I can't wait for 2017 to be over. I'm not one to complain, so this is a rare moment for me. 2017 has been horrible. We started off the new year with my husband at a warm-up clinic. We don't have insurance (can't afford it) and he hates doctors, so that was a rare occurrence. They misdiagnosed him. The following week I took him to my doctor, who correctly diagnosed him with gout. He also diagnosed him with extremely high blood pressure. Medication hasn't worked for either condition. So He controlling the gout with diet. He has tried all the meds for high bp, some of which are very expensive, and nothing works, so He needs a renal ultrasound, and possibly surgery. Even paying cash, the ultrasound is expensive. That takes us to August, when he twisted his ankle at work. His boss reluctantly turned it in to workers comp. After many tests it was determined his ankle was broken. Meanwhile, our youngest granddaughter was rushed by ambulance to a children's hospital 150 miles away because she had 0 platelets (ITP). My daughter's diabetes is out of control and my oldest granddaughter has 2 degenerative discs. Then my son-in-law got appendicitis. Hubby was finally released by WC to go back to work, but his boss put a lot of stipulations on his return, so for 3-1/2 weeks he's been ready, but his boss hasn't let him, so his income is nil right now. The only way I have kept my sanity is to go in my craft room each evening for a little while and that's how I got my Christmas cards made. But it could always be worse, and I'm thankful that we have a roof over our heads and food to eat. And we have each other. Here's hoping 2018 is a better year for us all. :-)

Leslie Miller said...

That's quite the list! I'm just trying to finish the cards and get them in the mail, prioritizing by how far they have to go. Those with international destinations have already been mailed. My son's best present has been ordered. Rich and I get the photo book and calendar -- that's all. I still have to make them on Shutterfly, but that's fun and I'll do it later this month. Buy a gift for one friend, have get togethers with several friends (giving Starbucks cards). Clean and decorate. Make cookies to take to my former work place. Once the cards are in the mail I simply enjoy doing everything else. Like you, I want the Christmas season to be all about giving of myself and my heart, loving my family and friends. Really, that's a year 'round thing. Do try to stay out of the hospital! It sounds like you're on a good course.

JanetB said...

Your priorities are perfect. You make everyone around you happy while having some fun for yourself, except the political stuff. (It makes us all crazy!) Thank you for sharing your list, it has me thinking, I better get busy, I'm not even close to getting my cards finished! I also think Karen Baker has it right, too, staying present and spending time being thankful. Please take care, and please do stay out of the hospital! Happy December.

Joan B said...

good luck at the doc's and enjoy Christmas!

Joan B said...

Becky, 2017 was horrible for you. I am so sorry. I hope 2018 is very very kind. BTW, my mom took allpurinol for her gout and it kept it at bay.

Joan B said...

sounds perfect to me!

Joan B said...

thank you

Joan B said...

sounds like we have a LOT in common!! Happy December!

Joan B said...

sounds like you have a plan!!!

Joan B said...

sounds like you are on top of things!!!! wonderful!

Joan B said...

I think I might sound more together than I really am! but thanks for the encouragement. I hope to get through every single thing on the list.

Becky said...

Thanks, Joan. Allopurinol doesn't work for him (he's tried them all), but there is one that will lessen an attack when he gets one, so that's what he does. He just tries to not eat the things that we know will make him hurt. And he's started taking tart cherry extract and making the most disgusting looking smoothie every morning, but hey, if it works, he'll drink it. :-) He's a good guy...a keeper, like your Mike. I met him 20+ years ago on the internet and we've been together 20 years. I hope 2018 is good for you and your family, too. I always enjoy reading your posts, even if I don't always comment, so keep them coming.