Apr 13, 2017

Fresh Inspiration

from kingofwallpapers.com

Looking for some paper inspiration other than traditional stamping blogs?

Here are a few places that are chock full of paper-related eye candy, and there just might be one that catches your fancy.

The Paper Chronicles -- great source of information and ideas.
Paper Crave -- all things paper including free printables
All Things Stationery -- all about a perfectly furnished desk
Stationery Trends -- wonder how all the stamp companies come out with pineapples or owls at the same time? research! this is a great place to learn about the latest trends.
Crane & Co Blog -- simple, classic ideas
Oh So Beautiful Paper -- widely popular
Noted by Fine Stationery -- more information and inspiration
Italian Stationery Blog -- the features on rich Italian papers are my favorite
May Designs  -- not a blog, but a shop with great inspiration


Betty said...

thanks for this list Joan - i always find much more inspiration just searching texture, pattern, or something like that on pinterest - so more new places to peruse.

Leslie Miller said...

Oooh, thanks! Fun stuff to look at!

Ginger said...

Appreciate you sharing places to find more inspiration. I'm always happy to find that "I've Got Mail" from you.

merryf said...

wow, this is a great list. That Stationery Trends site looks wonderful. I've got some research to do this weekend!

Carol D said...

Wonderful inspiration - got my full share of beautiful today! Thanks!