Dec 23, 2016

Happy Festivus! -- My List of Grievances

Today is Festivus, the day set aside for the annual airing of grievances.  It's a wonderful opportunity to just let out all the things that are bothering us. We can set them aside and look forward to a fresh new year.

Here's my list.


I hate to ruin today's holiday, but when I look back on 2016, all I feel is gratitude.  All sorts of unexpected things happened -- some were great, some not so great, and some downright awful (the movie, Jackie, comes to mind). 

I'm not a fan of the unexpected, and I could not have foreseen much of 2016. But the year is almost over, and we are good.  Our Christmas tree is lit, I'm home, waiting for my husband to arrive from the airport with our son, and I've eaten one too many Christmas cookies.  My life is not perfect, but I am so grateful for so much that I don't have the words to describe the feeling, other than to say it's nice. If I could bottle that feeling, I'd bathe in it every day.

Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, I wish you much merriment, health, peace, and a big bottle of niceness.  

See you in 2017!  


Jillian said...

you always say something worth reading. happy festivus joan!

Patricia said...

I must say, I share your sentiments. Even when life isn't great, it is pretty darn good. May 2017 be equally as good.

TK said...

Ditto! There's so much to be thankful for, regardless of any current situation we might be facing! I'm thankful that you are doing better! Merry Christmas to you and your household!

Diane Jaquay said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hoping 2017 holds many blessings for you, Joan!

Susan Raihala said...

Merry Christmas, Joan. May 2017 hold fewer unpleasant surprises and many, many more blessings for you, Mike, and your son!

Leslie Miller said...

Ah, a festivus for the rest of us! I remember that Seinfeld episode. I'm glad your list of grievances is empty, Joan. Here's to a 2017 with fewer surprises, but may any that come your way be good ones!

Diana K said...

Wow! I love reading every single thing you write. It is the truth. P.S. Jackie, LOL.