Jun 26, 2016

Party Time by Lia Griffith

So fun!

Hero Arts carries a line of products designed by Lia Griffith and if I could have every one of them, I would! They are whimsical and just make me happy.

I made this card with Party Time by Lia, a small $5.99 set. The only thing I don't like about this fun little set is that 2 out of 3 of the happy animals have their tongues sticking out. Not on my cards! I did some selective stamping (just masked the tongue) and all was well.

This is a one layer card -- folded watercolor paper.  Quick watercoloring with ink from dye markers. Added some silver to the package.  A little detail helps otherwise plain cards look more finished.



LauraJane:) said...

Thanks for keeping that tongue in:))

Joyce said...

Adorable card--looks like a really cute set.

Leslie Miller said...

That's some pretty clever masking of the tongue! Cute critters, favorite colors. Appears so simple, but it takes skill to come up with a design like this. You've got it!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

ahhh! That is too fun! I LOVE the coloring in one area!

zerry ht said...

This is very cute. It was just so nice having a look at this post. My kids visited Disneyland in the last year and totally loved the fast food over there!! Now for the little one’s upcoming birthday, I also would be hosting the grand party at the local party venue and have hired a popular cater for exact Disneyland-like party food. I hope the kids would like that as well.