Sep 12, 2015

What I Give Up in Order to Stamp

We all know the high cost of stamping.  Some Crafty Owner is tossing back a margarita* with his** feet up on his yacht counting his profits, but not us.

We buy.  And sometimes buy again.

Um, and again.

Since I don't see any Rockefellers or Trumps*** in the stamping forums, I'm assuming that, like me, you are making many, many sacrifices in order to $pend on $tamping.

Here's what I give up in order to stamp. 

1.  My job.  You can't participate in blog hops and comment enough to win FREE STUFF if you have to get up every. stinking. day. and go to work.

2.  Ironing.  I take the time to schlep over to the dry cleaner every single week to drop off and pick up the husband's work shirts so I can save the iron for flattening ribbon, removing the gloss off of embossing, and other crafty techniques.

3.  Art and design classes.  Best to just steal other people's ideas rather than spend $$ learning how to do stuff.  Thank you for sharing so much online! ****

4.  Housecleaning.  Have you seen the cost of those Mr. Clean eraser sponge things?  And they disappear once used! I don't think so.

5.  Cooking.  I added up the expense of cooking one dinner for two.  I was shocked.
  • Stove $1500.  
  • Food $1000.00 
  • Plates:  $1700 (I have good taste).  
  • Car to go grocery shopping:  $30,000
Clearly it is cheaper to eat out.

Would love to hear what you give up in order to stamp 'cause I need to save more money to buy some new Christmas stamps.

*  I've never had a margarita.*****  Can they be tossed?
** Men rule the world.  And the stamping industry.
*** Been tossing around ideas on how to incorporate Trump into this blog.  It's coming one of these days.
****  Speaking of stealing ideas, got the footnote on the blog post idea from one of my fave bloggers, the ever nuts Ms. Carole Burrage.
*****  In the calorie contest between chocolate and alcohol, chocolate always wins.


Patricia said...

Too funny! If I only knew then what I know now. I would have a handful of the very best tools and stamps I would use more than once. It seems we need to have everything new that comes along and then stop using it when something new comes along. Live and learn, like everything else in life.

Jackie said...

Clothes. I despise clothes shopping. Stamps don't have to fit and they never make me look fat. When I do find something that fits, I buy it in every color and wear it until it falls apart, thus saving my money for more stamps. Just FYI, margaritas are delicious. I seldom indulge anymore, though. Too expensive :-) One margarita=one 6 x 6 paper pack, or one clear stamp set, depending on where the margaritas are purchased. So not worth it.

LauraJane:) said...

SUPER post!! I gave up Soda, Alcohol, Coffee, shoes and clothing...yes I stamp frazzled and in the raw...JK! We shop SAVERS; an upscale thrift shop with proceeds going to American Veterans.
With 6 kiddos to feed I cook QUANTITIES of food and freeze several meals for later. We also have a limited/seasonal meal selection to save on groceries. Buy food from local farmers and eat LOTS of eggs:)

Leslie Miller said...

Hmmmm... well, I gave up everything else for stamping, but I WON'T give up my Magic Erasers!

TK said...

I'm with ya, Joan! All too true...

Jennifer Scull said...

too cute!
but FYI, margaritas should NEVER EVER be tossed aside! they contain tequila which is the nectar of the gods... had a blood orange marg last night and it was ever so delightful! I can get rid of a lot of things, live in flannel pajama pants & t-shirts, but never toss away my margaritas! :)

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Ever nuts?! I resemble that remark... ;) BTW, I stole the footnoting idea from David Foster Wallace. I'm obviously a much more highbrow thief than you are. (hee)

Joan B said...

6 kids! You do have a lot of cooking to do. I'll stop complaining about cooking for 2!

Joan B said...

I'll never be accused of being high brow!