Sep 7, 2014

Sunday Savings: Love it or Hate it? Different Views of the Same Item

I have this Genesis Trimmer

I love it.*

Years ago I bought the larger, even pricier one with the edge light.  I sold it when I moved because it was a 16" square plus the light, and way too big for the new craft space. 

Before I bought my first Genesis, I had purchased about 7 other trimmers, always on the lookout for a great cut at a cheap price.  And a lot of blades.  I spent way more on all those trimmers than I did on the Genesis.

Did I learn?  No.

Second time around, I saw a glowing review of this Fiskars ProCision Trimmer.

So I bought it.  It folds up so it takes less space, and is much cheaper than the Genesis.  But I  hated it.  The nifty folding mechanism got in the way. 

So I broke down and bought the 12"  Genesis.  With the Genesis, I can shave tiny slivers off the edge of a card, which means all the sides align, rather than the slight wonkiness that happens after I score and fold a card.  The metal blade against the metal strip cuts perfectly.  **Heaven**

But clearly a lot of folks like the Fiskars ProCision Trimmer based on subsequent reviews I've read in a variety of places.


I guess it doesn't matter why others love it, and I hated it.  All that matters is that I should have trusted my instincts and stuck to something I already knew, rather than invest in a rather pricey purchase based on one online review.  Of course, the best thing is to be able to try out an item, but that always isn't possible.

Wondering if you've ever bought something based on reviews and then been disappointed??

*  Don't buy it because I love it!!


Colleen said...

I bought the Genesis after trying your fancy one with the light! Loved it and love my smaller one.

Karolyn at Paper Therapy said...

I remember when the Genesis was all the rage and I wanted one . . . bad. But at the time, they were super expensive and I just couldn't justify spending that for a paper cutter. Years later, I've probably spent at least that much on trimmers and replacements, not to mention the replacement blades and strips. I, too, purchased the ProCision, and have to say I like it. It's definitely quirky, because you can only cut from top to bottom and get a clean cut. But I love that it cuts my thicker card stock like buttah. I didn't realize that the Genesis now comes in a 12" size. My recollection is that they were much bigger back in the day. I also remember that you had to be on a huge waiting list in order to get one! Is that still the case? You've tempted me . . . at least to take a look at it again. But for now, I'm only tempted. Not completely ready to pull the trigger! LOL

Joan B said...

trying one out is perfect! So glad you live nearby.

Joan B said...

No longer a waiting list and the 12" is the perfect size for me. Your post is proof positive that different strokes..different folks!!

SmilynStef said...

Love love love my Genesis ... my Dad did a tune-up on it (blade needed oiled & adjusted) and it cuts so well ... I can't imagine using anything else (and yes, I have tried many many many others)

Mary said...

I know I have purchased things in the past due to great reviews.And I'm certain that there were a few items that I was disappointed in, I just can't remember what they were. I only buy items now that I think I will like and so far so good. :)


Susan said...

I keep buying stencils thinking that I can make the same magic someone like Laura Bassen or Nicole Magouirk make, but my feeble attempt usually just looks awful. But I keep buying them, hoping something will click. I even bought the new stencil material for my Silhouette to try to cut my own. I think the Grafix stuff I use to mount my stamps would have worked just as well. Seems like I never learn! Oh, and I love my Genesis - there is nothing like it. Thanks Joan - I never would have bought it on my own. It is awesome! I'm glad you have one again too.

~amy~ said...

I know I need something different...I always get the wonky frustrating.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I've learned over the years not to buy based on the reviews or the samples made with a product. I stop and think about would I really use it, need it, love it, etc. Things like ink, scissors, adhesive, and paper cutters are so personal that I hate it when people ask my recommendation. I'm me and what I like might not be what you like. And I have different cutters for different things. I love my desktop guillotine cutter but when I go places I take a lightweight cutter better for traveling. I have yet another cutter on my desk for small or precise cutting. So much to think about!

Leslie Miller said...

I still use and love my guillotine cutter from Stampin' Up!. I don't like trying to stay stocked up on blades and the concern over whether they'll be discontinued and I won't be able to replace them, thus requiring a whole new cutter. Just me worrying over something that hasn't happened yet. Sheesh!

katrynka said...

I've never done well with guillotine cutters