Jul 28, 2014

Oh Hi and Keeping the Eye Moving in One Direction

When I seea card that I like, I try and do a very quick analysis of why I like it.  One of the things I look for is whether my eye has a place to go.  Does the design move my eye in one direction?  Here, I aimed for a top left to bottom right direction. 

How I Made This Card:

1.  Cut the phrase Oh Hi on yellow patterned paper using my Silhouette, making sure it would be a bit larger than the opening in the frame.

2.  Cut the frame with the black patterned paper also using the Silhouette.

3.  Enlarged the frame a bit and cut again, this time with the blue striped paper so that the center piece would be large enough to adhere to the back of the frame.

4.  The yellow patterned paper didn't work, so I colored it with a neon pink Copic marker.

5.  Decided that the card needed another pop of bright pink.  Apparently washi tape can be used on a card.

6.  Wanted some beige color to tone down the card and added the wooden heart and twine.  Bow tied on the right to keep the eye moving from top left to bottom right.

7.  Adhered it all, making sure that the stripes on the paper went from top left to bottom right.  The entire panel is popped up with teeny tiny dimensionals.

MOOD WHEN DONE = Always grateful to be able to stamp. It really is a luxury to have time for a hobby.


  1. This is such a fun card...LOVE the 'oh hi'...

  2. Very fun card and so well-designed. Thanks for letting us know the process. Good idea to color the sentiment when yellow didn't work. I'll remember that idea.

  3. Very fun and bright. Love this cheerful card, and it was great to hear your though process.

  4. Love your card - the colors and patterns and especially the design with the explanation. Thanks, Joan.

  5. So true ... love the pop of pink.

  6. cute card! Yes, it is indeed a luxury to have time for a hobby -- Even though my children are grown, I often feel guilty "stealing" time away from household and job responsibilities and from time away from my darling hubby. But it is fun!!

  7. My eye went right to the very center of your card. I love that you used a die cuts for this card.


  8. love this! i need to dig out my silhouette again :)

  9. Oh, yes! How cute with the wooden heart dotting the "i". My eye had a lovely trip across your card. Your final comment is food for thought. We're lucky to have the time to do this stuff and then write about how little time we have to do it. It's good to read your acknowledgement of the luxury.

  10. Love the framing and lettering! Fabulous!


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