Mar 26, 2014

Birthday, Happy Style

It's just so darn easy to make a coordinating envelope liner.  I recommend not using cardstock, but cheap copy paper.  Easier to bend.  And cheaper.

In this case, after making the polka dots with some of the circles in the Hero Arts Flower Dauber set, I hand drew some lines on the one layer card.  And then on the copy paper for the envelope.  (Sentiment by Avery Elle)

Stripes and lines are a good combo and, by using the same markers to color both the dots and the stripes, I got a nice cohesive design.  Not very risky, but I'm a bit rusty!  

By the way, the dots carry over to the back of the card.



  1. EEEEAAAAKKKK!! You have just created the "go to card" for all these teen age b-day cards I am finding myself struggling to make!! This is PERFECT for teen girls (accckkkk! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to make teen girl cards that your teen boy won't die of embarrassment when he gives it to her?!!) Aaaand teen boys!!

    You, my friend, just made my weekend!!

  2. PERFECT, Joan!! Do you have a template or die to cut your envelope liners?

    (and Pharrell is singing "Happy" in my head now!)

    1. absolutely a die. from
      clear and simple stamps. fits their envelopes as well as the ones from Paper Source...thanks

  3. Awesome card and awesome colors!!!

  4. Very happy and pretty. Love the liner.

  5. I love the dots on your card and the color matching envelope. A wonderful design. Joan.


  6. LOVE! What a fantastic color combo and design combo. Brilliant to think of lines and dots together. Truly a head thunker--like why did I never think of this? I always think more of the same, but this is so so much better. Getting pinned and cased, my friend.

  7. Joan, your card is perfect. Such an eye you have for clean and simple designs. Love the idea for the hand drawn lines to coordinate with the card. I needed a matching envelope for a tall card I made the other day, and I only have business envelopes with the blue printed security liner. I could stamp the outside of the envelope, but that blue liner was still homely. I remembered your envelope liners then, so made one from matching designer paper. Traced the shape of the envelope flap and trimmed a little and it came out very cute. So here's a big thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Love this, Joan--clean, fresh, fun! Hope that you are doing well. :-)

  9. lovely!! very fun bday card!! Hi Joan!! long time, no "see"!! ;) Waving from sunny CA!!

  10. I think this is super fun, Joan :)


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