Sep 30, 2013

You Choose

explanation for absence.  

a.  no mojo
b.  not enough time
c.  missing that "one" essential supply
d.  new job
e.  beautiful weather
f.  poor quality of stamping
g.  planning a bounty of posts
h.  won the lottery
i.  got a dog
j.  training for a triathlon
k.  running for congress
l.  watching Housewives
m.  starting my own stamp company
n.  trying decide which black ink to use
o.  learning Japanese
p.  walking the appalachian trail
q.  baking the perfect buche noel
r.  organizing my twine
s.  wrapping Christmas presents
t.  cotton candy
u.  hoeing
v.  thinking
w.  bad weather
x.  making believe I watch cool things like Breaking Bad
y.  FB
z.  writing praise letters to congress


Mary said...

Can we pick a "top three" ? I'm going to go with a, e, and o. :-)

Regardless, I hope you add a post soon just to share how the new job is going if nothing else!
Have a blessed day!

Cindy O said...

I think it's a puzzle, and I'm going with "joan b" - Triathlon, Japanese, No mojo, Black ink, and Time. And I always enjoy your posts when you have time to create and share with us.

Carol said...

All of the above???? ;-)
Hope your new job is going well.

Tracey C. said...

it must be something in the air...because I am right there with ya! Hope the new job is going well - and that what ever might be preventing you from craftiness subsides soon :)

Starla said...

WHOOTHOO!! I now have 26 reasons for not posting!! LOL!! Hope the new job is going well, the weather keeping you outside during your free time and that the "puppy" isn't destroying everything (hahaa!!). Notice no mention of no mojo....I'm 99% sure that isn't a factor (WAIT!! Did the "puppy" eat the mojo?!! hehe)

Smilie girl said...


Jeanne said...

I'm hoping you got a dog! They're great company. Mojo will come and go. Hope you are well.