Aug 14, 2013

Dear Mom: Catching Up

Dear Mom: I thought of you last night. I got home from work to an empty house and turned on the TV and saw that The Little Couple was on. Reruns. So I watched 3 episodes to catch up. They adopted the cutest 3 year old boy from China. I remember how much you loved that show and wanted you to know. They are happy. Yes, I know that when kids are small they have small problems and when they get big they have big problems. How could I forget? – it was one of your frequent flyers.

Oh, and the Giants aren’t looking too good this preseason. Yes, I know it is only preseason and no, I’m not turning into a fair weather fan. I’ll be a fan for life and I’ll keep you posted.

Andy is still in training and won’t learn where he’ll be placed until the fall. We are hoping he stays with us but he has to go wherever the job takes him. See first paragraph for reference!

Ugh. I cannot find your sewing box. And no, we did not throw it out. I needed a needle and thread for a card I was making but poof we cannot find it. Yes, I remember when Mike threw out your partial false teeth bridge, but you left it wrapped in a Kleenex on the kitchen counter and I absolutely did not throw out the sewing box. Meh, maybe Mike did but he is denying it. I’ll keep looking. By the way, I saved the row of sequins that were left over from when you made my wedding dress. I thought about putting them on cards, but decided to just let them be. Gorgeous. The dress and your making it. Thanks.

Oops. Got to go! Love, Joan


Francie said...

Your mom posts are beautiful. I hope your mom helps you find her sewing box.

Kathy Humphrey said... sweet! Precious post.

Anonymous said...

Just accidently, (HAPPILY), Re-found (?is that even a word?) you.
We never know how we affect an other person's life......I'm here to tell you, IT HAPPENS !