Jan 19, 2020

Creating Birthday Balloons

Love cards with balloons, but unless someone designs a stamp that places all the balloons and all the strings in just the right place, I fumble and bumble and make a hot mess.

So, this time decided to experiment with a loved, but neglected, set by Essentials by Ellen called Wonky Backdrops. Used the "circles" to make balloons and added strings from Everyday Doodles. Sentiment is from Mama Elephant's Blogging Buddies.

I'm determined to use what I have (although that hasn't stopped me from adding to the pile!). Someone please stop me...


Thank you so very much for your very kind comments on my last post. I'll be sharing more!


  1. I'll get to stopping you as soon as I stop myself. :o
    I wish I had the "eye" to see other things in the stamps I have. Think of how much sooner I could stop you!

  2. really love how you turned those stamps into balloons - and great colors too!

  3. This is perfect! Love your supplies that you used, way to stretch your supplies.

  4. This is the MOST delightful pop of balloons I have seen. Love the vibrant colors and the joyful way they are "hanging"! Oh yes, I wish I could stop too.....but it is too fun.

  5. I struggle so much to create balloon clusters (and floral clusters, for that matter) — this is fantastic. The loose sketchiness of the stamps and strings is perfect for this design. You make me want to run out and buy the sets just so I can emulate it! The colors you used are just so fun, too.

  6. Well, this is just fabulous, Joan! I would find it more difficult to make my own balloon arrangement, but you've made it perfect and perfectly pretty!

  7. adore this ... fabulous colors, perfect balance ... just awesome


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