Jan 17, 2019

Advice for Cardmakers from a Non Stamper

Me:  "I don't know what to do with myself. Everything I make lately ends up in the trash."

Mike: "Go online, find something you like, and steal it."

I've seen worse advice.  All righty then.....


  1. Mike understands. Hey, isn't that what Pinterest is all about?

  2. Advice I heard was to look at cards on line and then to try to recreate a card you liked from memory. This way you will probably be inspired by the card and not directly copy. Even if you do copy it will spark you to try other things... it's only plagiarism if we pass it off as our original work. In the world of art everyone is inspired by someone else... we put our own spin on these topics.

  3. Best advice ever!!

  4. I say, "Amen". You have been a constant inspiration to me. Perhaps today is the day "to talk" as in "cards and talk". I eagerly await your next post.

  5. Have a look at Hermine Koster, she does the most beautiful stamping and very inspirational. One thing always leads to another.


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