Mar 21, 2018

Didn't See This Coming

Just when you think your life is on an even keel, life throws you a curveball.

You get through the finale of This is Us, survive heart surgery, endure a pulmonary embolism, accept that your retired husband is going to clear the kitchen counter 17 times a day (where's that spoon I just put down?), and then - BAM! - you learn the devastating news that Ranger discontinued its line of Distress Stains.** Of course, Ranger still sells Distress ink pads, paints, crayons, grit-paste (??), markers, glaze, sprays, sprayers, and cole slaw, etc., but no stains.

Do you know why they discontinued the stains?

Me either.

Despite this setback, I managed to use a tiny bit of my now to-be-hoarded Twisted Citron Distress Stain to make this card.

Embossed the beautiful image from Reverse Confetti's Something Wonderful onto white linen cardstock and then just ran that dauber over the image. No paintbrush, no water, no mess because of the STAIN THAT NO LONGER EXISTS.  5 seconds and done. But soon those days will be over.


Still in shock...

** The stains are still being sold in some places. Buy now or else.


  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Joan. Take your time grieving. Don’t let anybody rush you or make you feel ashamed of the tears. And by all that’s good in the world, self advocate with Mike. How can you be expected to clear out kitchen cabinets or closets in a state of shock and grief? Seriously. Where is that man’s compassion?

    Awesome card, by the way. I love the tiny black dots. Great touch!

  2. Gulp... I am so behind that I am tripping over the heart surgery news. Eek! Gosh I hope you are doing well from all of that!

    As to the distress stains, I felt the exact same way when the distress stickles were discontinued. Like who EVER thought THAT was a good idea?!?! So I stockpiled as many as I could afford, and tried to put a smile on my face. Did the same thing when Basic Grey closed their doors. Guess I should know not to like my craft supplies too much! ;)

    But your card is wonderful as always!
    Enjoy your day!

  3. Love the bright color!

    Okay. Why did I feel a moment of panic reading the news about the distress stains?! I have been on a couple year hiatus from regular card creating! I don’t need the stains! The crafting brain can be hard to figure out!!

  4. WHAT? Boo....I don’t use them a LOT but I like having the option. Humph.
    Beautiful card!

  5. Oh goodness, Joan...I was drinking coffee when I read your post and the others' comments. You well know what happened. Before I wipe off my laptop screen and tissue off the tears rolling down my cheeks (sorry, I shouldn't be laughing at your plight!), know that I think your card is absolutely lovely - and made all the more special in being designed with soon-to-be rare materials (ooops...didn't mean to rub that in). YOU are a blast! I agree: hearing this news should remove you from any de-cluttering activities for at least...well, for as long as you need *grin*

  6. Farewell, Distress Stains, we barely knew you. Gorgeous card!

  7. I had not heard that news. I am trying to streamline my craft space and I have 17 bottle of stain that I would love to gift you. I just don't use them. Email me at and I will get that right out to you.

  8. I'd never even heard of Distress Stains until just the other day (was it here?), but I'm sorry for your loss. Actually, now that I see your card and read that it's a dauber, sheesh, I would have been all over those stains. This color... wow! Those beautiful embossed leaves... what a combo! Really that easy? They should have hired you.

  9. Oh, no! I haven’t used them because I haven’t been creating lately, but I do know everything I love always gets discontopinued. I feel your grief...did you know there are no longer orange Sweettarts? There’s green and yellow, but no orange. what the hell?!? I wrote to the company, but I’m sure they don’t care I’m upset. Such is life. If I had any stains I’d send them to you. The reorganization by Mike is surely going to be your demise, though! Hugs to you.

  10. I have learned not to covet a product too much as THEY Will TAKE IT AWAY!! Like the awesome Cool Whip frosting! I love that stuff, told everyone how good it was & then...... None to be had anywhere! I will take special care with my Distress stains now. Thanks for the heads up.

  11. All is not lost, Joan, I have known for some time that the distress stains are disappearing and have gone through all the stages of grief. However, the content of the sprays stains is exactly the same as the daubers; I contacted Ranger to make sure. So there is still stain to be had just not in the convenient daubers. It is possible to refill the daubers from the spray bottles, and I will! I will probably make many messes doing so but it's a small price to pay. I spilt forest moss stain down my jeans and onto my workroom carpet one day but happily my jeans and the carpet lived through it.

    I hope I have been able to bring some comfort to you in this dark time.

  12. Beautiful card Joan. You always enable me 😊. Re Distress Stains, I guess that's why they were at TM a few months back.

  13. Fabulouis card, fabulous colour! Everything I ever truly love is promptly discontinued. My hubby and I have decided that we are weirdos, with completely different taste from anyone else out there.


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