Aug 12, 2017

Hello Friend

Inspired by some fun cards Julie Ebersole recently posted. Love her light fresh look! Not sure I quite got the look, but it's cute anyway.

Stamps from Impress Flower Power, inks are Distress Oxide (amazing coverage).

MOOD WHEN DONE = Excited. The husband is coming home (today Saturday), after being on travel for work for 5 days (including a travel delay). Apparently I need him. HA!


  1. Fresh, vibrant and most definitely cute, those whimsical flowers of yours! My husband is back tomorrow after being at Canada Summer Games for a week, officiating at the road bike events. I'll be glad to have him home; the chores jar is getting full *grin*

  2. I think you DID achieve the same look the lovely Julie creates; I saw your card and had to double check I had clicked on your blog NOT hers!! 😁 The two of you are side by side in my bookmark list. Beautiful card.

  3. Cute, cute! There's nothing like bright, colorful, and whimsical for a happy card. I absolutely love this!

  4. Love this card, Joan!
    It is bright, cheery, and happy!
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  5. As soon as I saw this I thought to myself, "This is very Julie Ebersole-ish!" This is so pretty, Joan!


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