Aug 27, 2017

31 Days of Gratitude: Day 27

Day 27:  Reading

Boy, I'm grateful for reading. There was a time when all I did was read. However, stamping pushed it aside quite a bit. Now that I'm retired I have time for both.

I was thinking about including here a list of my favorite books, similar to the one I did for movies. However, after I read my movie list I realized that there were so many I loved that I omitted. So, I'll focus on three books, as I read each of them so often they became my friends.

I read The Chosen and its sequel, The Promise by Chaim Potok, and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, every year for about 10 years. I get lost in those books. I realized years later that they both have young characters, an absent mother, and a strong loving father. I'll let Freud think about that.

I assume that most of you have already read To Kill a Mockingbird and are familiar with the plot. My goal for years was to be able to write like Harper Lee. Sigh. And, no, I haven't read the book Harper Lee released recently. I'm boycotting it!

The Chosen is a coming of age story set in a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood in New York City in the 1940s and the Promise follows the two boys into college. Those books took me to a world that I didn't know existed, but the struggle of the two main characters to break free from their fathers' expectations is universal and told with such love. Writing about these books makes me want to reread them.

On another note -- I'm putting together a list of books to read post surgery. Would love your recommendations (I don't do sci fi or fantasy)!!


  1. am so glad to see reading on your list - what would i do without it - am planning on spending the rest of my afternoon finishing "the last tudor" by phillipa gregory - excellent writer - fascinating look at the reign of elizabeth 1 from the viewpoint of her cousin katherine. other favorites of mine are "a man called ove" by backman, "once we were brothers" by ronald balson (he has 3 others also v.g.) - if you like detective/mystery i can send you a list a mile long - love british mysteries.

  2. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books... I re-read it every couple of years. Suggestions for reading... anything by Fannie Flagg. I love her characters. Most people know of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe from the movie but the book is better. My favorite book of her's is Can't wait to get to Heaven. I've read it a dozen times and it always makes me cry. Good luck with the surgery.

  3. I can't wait to retire and read AND make cards. During the summer I read a LOT; we spend most weekends on our boat and cardmaking just doesn't fit. So, I read!

    I read a lot of mysteries; but not too graphic, gory or sadistic. I love Dana Stabenow, Kate Shugak Alaska mysteries; Margaret Maron, Deborah Knott Series; Nevada Barr, Anna Pigeon National Parks mysteries, Jeffrey Archer, both the Kane & Abel series and the Clifton Chronicles; Victoria Houston, dentist turned amateur dectective and I just found a new author to me, David Rosenfelt, Andy Carpenter lawyer series.

    Have you read Robert Galbreath, JK Rowlings pseudonym?

    I confess to reading romances too. I know Danielle Steele is much maligned; but I love some of her stories, Nora Roberts is great and many others.

    1. There are many MORE.....I listed just a partial bunch of favorites.....

  4. Same here with the reading! Two favorites that jump right into my mind are "Crazy in Alabama" and "Water for Elephants", and I love just about anything by Jodi Picoult. There are too many to remember. A favorite activity is going to a local book store with a kindred spirit friend, lunching and browsing books. We buy used, share, then return for a huge discount on our next purchase. I go home with a whole shopping bag full of books for less than $10. I devour them. Currently reading "I Know this Much is True". So far it's a little depressing, but well written. Stamping has cut into my reading time. Summers I'm outside during the day and don't feel like stamping at night, so I'll read, but I love rainy winter afternoons with a good book. Reading and stamping give each other some stiff competition. Seems like retirement has made me spread my time thinly over many activities and pastimes.

  5. I also love to read & never seem to have much time for it anymore, although my husband says 2 or 3 books read a week is enough. I love mysteries, some romance & authors like Jeffery Archer, Nicholas Sparks,David Baldacci, etc. One of my favorite books is an old one by James Alexander Thom called Follow the River. I think a movie was made from it. The tale of a pregnant woman captured by Indians & her escape & subsequent walk back home, based on a true story. I've never forgotten it. One Summer by David Baldacci is also a good book, just have the tissues handy!

  6. I don't do sci fi or fantasy either.

    This summer I really enjoyed Midnight at the Bright Ideas Book Store by Matthew Sullivan, Commonwealth by Ann Patchett, The Woman on the Orient Express by Lindsday Jayne Ashford and Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch (it's YA but not super teenboppey, I really want to go to Florence Italy now!)

    Have you read the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Perry? That's a good one. Really great as an audiobook too.

  7. I usually recommend fiction, but one non fiction that I loved is An amazing story.

  8. I love to read. My favorite author us Nora Roberts. She also writes as JD Robb. She has a series of books about a N.Y. police lieutenant set in the year 2049, I think. Good luck with the surgery.

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