Jul 6, 2016

Graphic One Layer Copic Cards Using Gina K Cardstock

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I've had a pack of Gina K's White Heavy Base Weight Cardstock for months (possibly years? HA!). As many of you already know, it does not bleed through when using Copics or other alcohol inks.

Shockingly, these cards worked out exactly as I had hoped the first time I tried.  That's happened possibly twice in ten years.

  • Tear a piece of cold pressed watercolor paper (I used Canson). The paper should be wider than your card.
  • Use the watercolor paper as a mask, and starting from the bottom, take a Copic or other alcohol marker and run it over the paper. Perfect for those of us with few skills!
  • Make a new mask for each color family change (yellow to green for example) and repeat as shown.
  • Stamp the sentiment using a Copic friendly ink.  I used Hero Arts Intense Black.

A few tips when using this cardstock:
  • It is heavy, and therefore, does not fold flat. That bothers me, but there's a quick fix. Cut, score, and fold the card as usual. Then, put the folded card through your die cutting machine, using clean unetched plates. The card will come out almost flat.  
  • It's $7.95 for 25 sheets, or .31 cents a sheet. Not the cheapest, but not crazy expensive. That's about .15 for an A2 card. I'll take it! It came perfectly packaged and unbent because Gina is Gina and she would make good if it did not.  
Here are two more cards I made using this same method.  The blue is kind of ocean like.

The sentiments are Beautiful Day by Altenew, Many Everyday Messages by Hero Arts, and Totally Awesome by Essentials by Ellen.  Change the colors and the sentiment and the possibilities are endless. I added a few accents on the red card with a Pico Clear Embellisher, but don't think that's needed.

MOOD WHEN DONE = Awesome! 


  1. Love it! This paper is my absolute FAVORITE. I need to get more. I'm down to only a few scraps!!

  2. Gorgeous! I've been using that cardstock forever. It usually puts my suitcase overweight when I come home from the US! lol!

  3. Love love love the clean simplicity of all three cards. What a great technique, made possible by Gina's awesome card stock.

  4. Scrumptious. Thanks for point me to Lydia's post too. Had seen her card on IG but loved her post.

  5. I love Gina's cardstock! Her inks are amazing,too!

  6. Beautiful! That blue one is so soothing!

  7. What a busy crafter you've been. These are all gorgeous and that's a great tip with watercolor paper, especially with a piece (or two) that I've messed up.

  8. Just stunning, Joan! I love, love, love them! Since I don't have Copics, I'm going to try your technique with Zigs. Many thanks for sharing! ♡

  9. Someday I may have to try this cardstock. Loving my Neenah 110 lb, but Copics will bleed through. I can use my Prismacolor pencils, though. I love all three of your cards, Joan. The blue is nice for sympathy, and the last one says AWESOME all over it!

  10. Yes, I checked. I just had to see to whom you directed us for 'real talent'.
    Mood when done= amused.
    These cards are spectacular. Amazing that such a simple design could yield such results. You've outdone yourself, Joan.

  11. Lovely cards(all) and delightful post as always. You realize when you pointed us to real talent your other 4 fingers are pointing to you--more real talent.

  12. Nice layering technique. I'm always a sucker for shimmer. It's lovely over the watercolor.

  13. Love the simple elegance of these cards, Joan. And I ADORE Lydia - how sweet of you to link to her blog. She's amazing.

  14. I am curious to know which copic marker did you use for the bottom layer of the red card ? I think its the color that I have been searching for just couldn't figure out what number. I would love your help.

    1. Cornisha, I am not sure but I believe that is R29. I hope this is helpful!

  15. Thank you and I will at least give it a try.


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