Jun 8, 2016

Hot Lips

Foiled at last!

Used the free digital design and photo editing program, Picmonkey, to make this baby.  Trust me, if you have a computer and want to edit your photos for free, Picmonkey is the way to go.  It is super easy and there are tons of tutorials by Picmonkey on how to use it.  There is a paid version, but you do not need it. In addition to photo editing, you can make collages in a snap and grab some free digital images.

  • Found these lips on Picmonkey, made them pink, added a black sentiment -- all on Picmonkey.
  • Printed on a color laser printer.  
  • Trimmed the design.
  • Covered the sentiment (which was in black) with a small piece of gold foil and zipped it through my up to now unused Mini Minc
  • Added to an A2 white card.

I swear if I could fit dinner through the Minc I'd foil that. This machine really works as promised and I understand that a laminator can also foil.

Now why don't stamp companies make really big images?  I love them!

MOOD WHEN DONE = Happy dance


  1. Beautiful card Joan! I've been playing with my Minc machine too. I got the full size one at Michaels on clearance along with a BUNCH of foils. Ended up having to buy a b/w laser printer also. It's too bad there isn't an inkpad to put toner on stamps so they can be foiled. I know you can use a glue pad, but that is such a mess to clean up. Not sure if toner would hurt clear stamps... Anyway, I'm having fun experimenting. Good luck with yours!

  2. TOTALLY cool card! YES on the need for LARGER images on stamps:) After purchasing the Mini Minc I found that the two printers in my house do not use TONER, thus Minc is not as much fun:((.

  3. This is so striking and different. I love it.

  4. I love big stamps, too. This is fabulous! No minc at my house. Don't even have a MISTI yet. Sheesh, I'm behind the times.

  5. Awesome card Joan!! Thanks for the Picmonkey tip I'll have to check that out!! I bought Photoshop Elements and it's like trying to learn German!!! Ack!

  6. Yet another great card!
    Count me squarely in the Big Stamps corner. Have searched and searched online for new ones and, for the most part, come up empty.
    Mood when done: Frustrated.

  7. I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE this card Joan. Brilliantly CAS. I must get a Mini Minc--oh why does blog commenting = shopping! lol

  8. So cool! What a great graphic design, love that you did this on pic monkey, I use it for adding my watermarks, but clearly I should explore more!

  9. Awesome! Love this card!!!


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