Update:  December 2017 -- I'm not accepting free items from companies at this time. There are enough way more talented stampers out there who are promoting products!  I'll update if this changes.


Been waiting my whole stamping life to have an Official Federal Trade Commission Disclosure!  ***

Bloggers in the United States are required to disclosure compensation (free or reduced price product and/or cash) from companies in exchange for using that product on social media.  

So, in that spirit....

I promise to keep this updated, not just because the Feds require it, but because it is the right thing to do.  Note:  I do not participate in any affiliate programs. I'm not sure why I've chosen not to do so, but if I change my mind, you'll know!

I am very grateful and honored that I have received free product and/or compensation from:

Ellen Hutson, LLC  (spring 2015, January 2016, February 2016, April 2016)
Just Dandy Studio Creative Team (September - November 2015)
Hero Arts (October 2015, February - July 2016)
Right at Home (January, May - July 2016)
Concord & 9th (March 2016)
Neat & Tangled (June 2016)

*** Updated as of mid July 2016.  And then I decided to take a break from design work.  Who knows what the future will bring?


  1. This has to be the best disclosure I have ever read!!!!

  2. Should you ever decide you need another disclosure to share, feel free to let me know and I will happily provide you with, ahem, free stuff from Tiddly Inks, but sorry, no fat checks to share...hehe

    Love your hilarious stories.

    Tiddly Inks


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