Feb 27, 2019

Going Mondo!

One of the best things about doing the Learning Through Inspiration series is that it focused my attention on my current stash.**  So once again I found myself looking though my supplies. I wanted a big bold design and remembered this fantastic image by Julie Ebersole -- Mondo Magnolia.

Looks "simple" doesn't it? Stamp the image with a nice dark black ink (Versafine Onyx did the trick) and add a gold glitter paper die cut (from Flora & Fauna) sentiment. I love how it turned out! But lest you think it's "simple" -- this is the 6th card I made with this set. The first 5 are works in progress or in the trash! HA

MOOD WHEN DONE:  Happy with the card!

It's cool and gray today. We've had a lot of gray days this winter. When the sun comes out I look around and soak it in. Every bit of sun enjoyed yesterday helps with the gray days today. There's a lesson there!

** oh that doesn't mean I've stopped looking or buying (but not too much).


  1. if at first...and you had great success - love it!

  2. I love the graphic look of this card!

  3. Wow! This is one of my favorites and, oh, my gosh, that black envelope. Striking! Beautiful photo, too. Funny how the simplest things can turn into such a challenge. Your image is so wonderfully crisp. You have some very nice stamps in your stash!

  4. Stunning card Joan. Love the starkness of the black elevated by the gold diecut. Very elegant.

  5. J.B. this is MONDO magnificent... and so simply gorgeous!

  6. Stunning in its simplicity and contrast! I'd display it so you could see it every day. (At least that's what I'd do!)

  7. I absolutely love this card!


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