Oct 6, 2017

Courage for Everyone

There are some moments -- the really big ones -- where folks face a life threatening now or never moment -- the amazingly courageous fire men and women who run into a burning building, the person who jumps down onto the subway tracks to pull a fallen passenger to safety, or the neighbor who picks up the phone and calls child protective services when they witness a parent abusing a child. Those are the moments where courage does roar.

However, this card is for those other moments -- the ones we all face -- the moments of our daily lives that seem overwhelming, but are numbingly common.  It's for the parents of an addict, the wife of a man dying from cancer, the single mom who never has enough time or money to take care of her kids, the homeless man who stands on the median of a busy street near my house collecting money, the woman entering a nursing home, the lonely teenager with autism, the woman whose afraid to leave the house, the worker whose supervisor is a bully, the woman overwhelmed by depression, etc.

In other words, this card is for everyone, because we all need courage at times.  It uses a sentiment from a fantastic Essentials by Ellen stamp and die set called, fittingly, Courage. It was designed to raise funds for breast cancer research as well as bring awareness to the disease. But the sentiments also work for all the other moments in life where need to stand up a little taller and face things that we don't want to face, and still put dinner on the table and make the bed (and sometimes go upstairs and make a card).

I hope you have courage to face whatever is going on in your life. If you were paralyzed by fear or anxiety yesterday, I hope that today you are standing a little taller.

MOOD WHEN DONE = I'm good! I like the card, the sun is shining, and now it is time to clean up the mess I made creating it and the cards I'll show you tomorrow....


  1. Beautiful card and sentiment.

  2. Joan, I appreciate you (the essence of you... your heart and spirit) so much and this post is a great example of why. I love how deeply you live and how eloquently you share your thoughts with us. These moments do take courage and deep breaths and great friends help us get through these moments. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and your thoughts. XO

  3. Reading what you wrote... compared to the rest of the world I sometimes think my concerns are too trivial, but what keeps one awake at night is not trivial to that person. Worry about family and future, health, finance, time slipping away... these things wear on your psyche. Yes, we try again tomorrow. Thanks, Joan.

  4. You’re such a beautiful person, Joan!

  5. Thanks, Joan, for this inspiring card & message. I needed that today. Love your posts & uplifting words, not to mention your wonderful creations.


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