Mar 31, 2017

What Feedly Knows About Susan

This morning I woke up to read this post from Simplicity's Susan Raihala. If you haven't read it already, go read it, and then come back here.

Thank you.

Right off the bat I have to tell you that Susan left out critical information in her post. I'd call her a politician, but that would be too horrible. But, before I explain, let me give you some background.

Susan and I go way back as crafty fellow bloggers. We read each others blogs and facebook posts and have connected on the internet the way some crafty folks do. I love her cards and her view on life. I got to meet Susan for lunch one day when she was visiting DC. It was so fun to finally connect in real life and confirm that she isn't some 11 year old sitting in his parent's basement assuming various online identities.

But, there's more. For some crazy reason, my feedly account on my phone defaults to Susan's blog, Simplicity. Whenever I click on feedly, the first thing I see is a random Simplicity post. It is never her most recent post, but an older one. I have no idea why feedly does this, but I am starting to wonder.

What does feedly know about Susan?

So, it's no surprise that when I woke up this morning, I read Susan's blog. I sort of have no choice, as feedly makes me! I was shocked to read that Susan was accusing me of enticing her to spend money on stamping. HA! I would never do such a thing. We all know that, despite claims from stamp companies that we will use their products "over and over," in fact we sometimes never use what we buy because they entice us with the next new thing before we can even get the last new thing out of its packaging. Therefore, when I told Susan during our phone call that I had items I hadn't used yet, that was my way of saying "do not ever buy anything ever again."

Is it my fault that Susan chose to misinterpret me?
I don't think so.

But the real outrage in Susan's blog post was the KEY FACT that she deliberately omitted. I hate when authors do that. They go on a tirade about something and leave out the most important thing, the thing that puts it all in perspective. They show pictures of awesome looking stamp purchases, but leave out critical information. They blame me for buying a set with an octopus in it when they have never had any interest in buying an octopus.

Susan is guilty, and she knows it, but she will never tell you that KEY FACT.

So I have to do it.

Susan left out that she is goodness on earth. She left out that the real reason we were talking on the phone was not to discuss stamping. She left out that she had reached out to me and gave me her phone number so that I could talk to her about my annoying, never ending, medical crap. So when I read her blog this morning, I remembered how much that conversation meant to me. It wasn't what she said during our chat, but the fact that she had reached out to me that mattered.

We all have tough moments in life. I know that every single person who reads this blog has had, or is having, some rough times, times that would sadden and surprise me if I knew about them. But I'm not giving out my phone number and encouraging you all to give me a call. I'm living my own life, wrapped up in my own stuff.

Not Susan.

Susan has her own life, but she reached out to me because she is a special person. Susan is the kind of person who takes the time to give a bit of herself to others, the kind of person who sets aside her own stuff to listen to your stuff.

Indeed, Susan is the kind of person whom even feedly knows is goodness on earth.

MOOD WHEN DONE = grateful


  1. Sounds like good friends who can talk and listen about life. Too funny, though, about "enabling" to purchase MORE stamps. Not sure who is really the guilty one. :)

  2. Susan *is* good. She doesn't know just how much I admire her and the way she chooses to live her best life, supporting her family and many others. I guess I need to fix that.

  3. Two fabulous posts, I love you both for your quick wit and way with words:)) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. You and Susan both crack me up! When either of you take a break from blogging I am bereft. Simplicity and Dear Paperlicious are the top two blogs in my bookmark list and you both brighten my day!

  5. I read both your blog and Susan's blog. I don't have any crafting friends where I live now, and almost feel like you are my friends. Thank you for brightening my life!

  6. Reading both your post and Susan's has left me wishing that I had one of each of you in my life! I love when crafting friends share their deep appreciation and love for one another in a public space where we can, vicariously, experience the friendship, too. Goodness on earth appears in many forms; you and Susan are two. for the enabling...too funny! I live in the prairies and apparently I "need" seahorses and octopi images...

  7. I had a nice visit at Susan's, thanks to you. I need to put her in my Feedly so I can enjoy her wit and inspiring simplicity as often as I enjoy yours. By the time I reached the end of your post I felt very touched by her goodness and the way the two of you have connected. Again, thank you!

  8. Thank you, Joan. You are too kind, and I don't know what else to say.

    BTW, I slip Feedly some bit-coin to pester you.

    (What, exactly, is bit-coin anyway? ;-)).

  9. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of her niceness with us!

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  11. You enable me to buy new stuff and then Susan overwhelms me with her amazing CAS style. You two are my most-read crafty blogs. Thank you for making me smile !

  12. love your post Joan - must start following susan - you both are a hoot - and totally understand the buying problem!

  13. What a sweet post and a sweet friend. This made my heart happy. :)

  14. Susan is the bestest kind of blaming stamping friend to have. hugs

  15. You are both "goodness on earth" and funny, smart and witty, talented as well! Your posts brightened my day!

  16. I seem to be having some sort of allergic reaction to this post because my eyes are leaking a bit now. Maybe some new stamps or ink would help. No. Maybe not. You have inspired me to work on breathing through all of the new releases and so far I've stayed strong. Thank you for being you, Joan.

  17. I had the pleasure of meeting Susan last summer at the Ironman Wisconsin (no, I was not a participant!), and she truly is goodness on earth. Thank you for saying so in your post so many thousands more will know it. I appreciate both of you so much, for your humor, your talent and your connections to those of us out here in the hinterlands.

    1. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person, Marcia. What a blessing it is when crafty people who live so far apart get to break bread and chat!

  18. Two great cardmakers. Two incredible wordsmiths. Two wonderful gals. Happy to only-through-the-internet "know" you both.

  19. This post made me so happy. Both you and Susan are such delightful and creative people,i enjoyed hearing about you connecting by phone on another level. I met Ardyth yesterday and told her to read this post. I knew she'd like it too. Take care my friend you're in my thoughts and prayers.


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