Jun 26, 2016

Party Time by Lia Griffith

So fun!

Hero Arts carries a line of products designed by Lia Griffith and if I could have every one of them, I would! They are whimsical and just make me happy.

I made this card with Party Time by Lia, a small $5.99 set. The only thing I don't like about this fun little set is that 2 out of 3 of the happy animals have their tongues sticking out. Not on my cards! I did some selective stamping (just masked the tongue) and all was well.

This is a one layer card -- folded watercolor paper.  Quick watercoloring with ink from dye markers. Added some silver to the package.  A little detail helps otherwise plain cards look more finished.


Jun 24, 2016

Neat & Tangled Origami Map

Today's my last post on the Neat & Tangled blog.  I used the fantastic Origami Map stamp set and die to make two very different cards.

Head on over the Neat & Tangled blog for tips on hand stitching on cards and more.  Thanks!

MOOD WHEN DONE = Terrific!

Jun 21, 2016

Hello with a Foil Heart

Quick post here.

Hello sentiment is from Studio Calico Celebrate Animal.  Colored the heart with a Quickie glue pen, let dry, and covered with a bright pink foil.  Got the super even sentiments by using the MISTI.

MOOD WHEN DONE = This is my kind of card!

Jun 17, 2016

Review of Craftsy Class, Discount Code and Neat &Tangled Blog

Review of Craftsy Class:  Fresh Eyes on Your Cardmaking Suppies

Bottom Line:  Excellent, worth the money.  50% off discount code:  www.craftsy.com/ext/MiriamPrantner_10298_H (this will give you the class for $14.99)

There is a lot of excellent free content online, so I don't take many paid classes. However, the title of the class caught my eye. I've been bored with my cards. I feel like I make the same card over and over. Plus, I couldn't stamp for a while due to home repairs and a bad shoulder (both issues resolved) so I had time.

The class is taught by Miriam Prantner. I've been impressed by some of the unique cards Miriam has made, such as this one and this one. Miriam clearly has a flair for geometry made beautiful!  In case you are wondering, while I've emailed Miriam briefly in connection with my guest designing for Neat & Tangled, I don't know her and purchased the class on my own. After I took the class, I emailed Miriam and told her how much I enjoyed it and that I was going to do a review of it and she kindly provided this discount code.

So what did I learn?  I learned to stop and take a look at the lines in designs, whether it is patterned paper, stamps, stencils, or dies.  I loved the examples using patterned paper in new ways (for example, cutting it up in interesting ways). Similarly, Miriam shows how to use stencils in ways that I've never seen.

The classes are filmed live so that, unlike most crafty videos, you are watching the instructor as if you were sitting facing her. Miriam's discussion is filmed as she is demonstrating her lessons, not a voice over.  Most of the time, I prefer voice overs, but it was interesting listening to Miriam, in effect, think out loud. There are several times where the video advances, so that we don't waste time watching Miriam complete a step.  Accordingly, the class moves at a great pace.  In short, I loved it!

Now let's see if I can use what I learned!

My Neat & Tangled Blog Post

I've got two cards up on the Neat & Tangled blog today.  Here is one of them.  Hmm, got the stitching idea from the class!

Would love if you checked out the entire post.

Thanks and have a great weekend!


Jun 16, 2016

Love You To Pieces on the Right at Home Blog

Just a quick note that you can see how I made this card on the Right at Home blog.  I'd love it if you checked it out!  Thanks


Jun 10, 2016

Neat & Tangled Foiled Dala Horse

Hi, I am posting on the Neat & Tangled blog today and would love if you checked out my post.  I decided to make a trio of foiled cards.  Very simple.  I'm letting the foil do the work here.

Here's a bit of one of them!

Would love if you checked them out. Thanks!

Jun 8, 2016

Hot Lips

Foiled at last!

Used the free digital design and photo editing program, Picmonkey, to make this baby.  Trust me, if you have a computer and want to edit your photos for free, Picmonkey is the way to go.  It is super easy and there are tons of tutorials by Picmonkey on how to use it.  There is a paid version, but you do not need it. In addition to photo editing, you can make collages in a snap and grab some free digital images.

  • Found these lips on Picmonkey, made them pink, added a black sentiment -- all on Picmonkey.
  • Printed on a color laser printer.  
  • Trimmed the design.
  • Covered the sentiment (which was in black) with a small piece of gold foil and zipped it through my up to now unused Mini Minc
  • Added to an A2 white card.

I swear if I could fit dinner through the Minc I'd foil that. This machine really works as promised and I understand that a laminator can also foil.

Now why don't stamp companies make really big images?  I love them!

MOOD WHEN DONE = Happy dance