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Although I've been making cards, stamping, and blogging for years (I had a lot of fun with my old Paperlicious blog, I finally have the time to really enjoy it.  I'm retired, and have more time and freedom to craft and blog any way I want.  So Dear Paperlicious is back -- ready to laugh with you and share the awesomeness of paper crafting.

Speaking of laughter, Stamping Destroyed My Life is a farcical "novel" that I am publishing in chapters on this blog.  On occasion, the story uses real names of stampers I know, or names that strongly suggest a real person.  In those instances, the individuals involved provided permission prior to publication. Any resemblance to any other individuals is coincidental.

Future chapters will be published on Sundays (although not every Sunday.)

Much gratitude to my readers, those who comment and those who do not, and to the stamping industry, which has provided us with a terrific hobby and many friendships.

To read Stamping Destroyed My Life, start at the link below and follow the links.  Thanks!

Press Release Announcing the Publication of Stamping Destroyed My Life.


  1. Welcome to the world of retirement! I loved working but I really Really REALLY love retirement. So many things that I put off doing while I worked and longed to do. Well I'm doin' 'em now. Looking forward to the new, improved Dear Paperlicious. Sorry I have topmost this as anonymous as I don't have any of the accounts...I'm Katy M though.

  2. Welcome back- you've been missed! Congratulations on retirement!

  3. Love your blog and happy you're back to blogging here. :) So fresh and so clean! :)

  4. oh.. what a fun blog here :)
    Good to see you Joan.

  5. Huge congratulations on retirement! I hope you have many fun adventures! I love the new blog! <3

  6. Just love your blog, Joan! I discovered you on Splitcoast this morning... and you have a new follower! Your cards are so wonderful! Congratulations on your recent retirement!! I retired just a few years ago, after 35 happy years of teaching. It takes a little while to adjust, but I promise you that retirement just gets better and better with each passing year! I never dreamed that I would begin blogging or have a little paper crafting space of my own! I'm just a beginning cardmaker, and have met the friendliest people through papercrafting. I count my blessings out loud every day! ♡

  7. Joan B! You are a hoot! No, I don't mean you're an owl, you just made my morning after I read Chapter Two of "Stamping Destroyed my Life." Keep up the good work, promise?

  8. found you thru the Kelly bloghop and I am loving the chapters to Stamping Ruined My Life. You're very talented!

  9. Another chapter! Hooray! I'm glad you're reminding me that today is Sunday, therefore the new chapter.

    You know that retired people's weeks are as follows: Saturday, Sunday, Saturday, Sunday, Saturday Sunday, Saturday. Before you know it, another month has gone by. :)


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