Sep 1, 2019

Have an Incredible Birthday

Totally inspired by Yana Smakula and some floral cards she's made recently. Here's one example. Love, love, love, her cards.

Copic-colored this beautiful image from the Strong and Beautiful set by Power Poppy. Marcella Hawley draws the most gorgeous florals -- I want them all (but no, I will not have them all). Sentiment is from the same set.

Isn't that shade of yellow fun? It's from somewhere. I really need to organize my cardstock when I get it....

MOOD WHEN DONE: Happy. It was good to be back in my craft room. I need to spend more time with floral stamps!

Can't remember whether I've mentioned it, but I started volunteering at the Dallas office of the International Rescue Committee. It's good to get out and feel more connected.

Speaking of Dallas, we left Northern Virginia a year ago this weekend. It's been great being closer to our son, but man it's hot here!! HA.


  1. your card is lovely, Joan - wonderful coloring - I love Yana's work also

  2. Such a fun color combination! I always love to see what you do with giant florals like this.

  3. There's a lot of coloring on this card and it's beautifully done. My guess would have been watercolor, but I see it's Copics. I, too, love Marcella's florals, especially when they're large enough to be versatile. I also love yellow. Gorgeous card all over. Good work being done by the Rescue Committee. Heaven knows we need them. I'm glad you got on. As for the heat... when we were in northern Arizona we thought it was hot, but it was 116 in Phoenix. Yikes! Glad we didn't go there!

  4. Love your card ... and your photo ... and that yellow.

  5. Joan, I love the yellow - and this gorgeous, beautifully Copic colored creation!

  6. Oh, the colors . . . all the heart eyes for this beauty, lady!

  7. Gorgeous floral and the yellow just pops it! My grandmother lived in San Antonio and hated summers (moved from Nebraska/N Dakota). Sometimes it was over 90 fifty+ days in a row.

  8. Marisela Delgado said: What? Dallas hot? ha-ha I'm in San Antonio so welcome to Texas!! It's not so bad. You're a newbie. Just wait until Winter and you see everyone else freezing their booty off. You'll be glad you came. =) Gorgeous card, by the way. your friend in San Antonio, Marisela =)


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