May 21, 2019

What More Do You Want?

My mom made essentially the same food every week (macaroni, meatloaf, hamburgers, chicken, eggplant in the winter, and hot dogs). It's a miracle none of us had a heart attack. Once in while she'd surprise us with something different -- usually a Polish dish that she liked or maybe she'd buy a pizza. Cooking wasn't her thing (it's not mine either). She'd put dinner on the table and say: "What more do you want?," meaning this is fine, this is enough, quit complaining.

Lately, when I'm stamping and (finally) make a card I like, I find myself thinking "What more do you want?"

Actually, I have a list but the inner critic must be quashed... 

Balloons from a retired Essentials by Ellen stamp. Stamped by paining Zig markers onto the stamp and then watercoloring. Hand drew the dots and the bows and strings. Sentiment from Altenew. All old stuff!

MOOD WHEN DONE: I'm good....


  1. The pen/ink work makes the balloons. Fabulous card.

  2. That is so fun and happy. I thought from the preamble that you were going to tell us how the cooking something new each week had been going ;-). The cook in me is always interested in stuff like that. I guess real life probably threw a spanner at that idea. This made me smile.

  3. Love love love this one! It makes me feel happy!

  4. How could you want more than this? It's perfect! I always love when you watercolor.

  5. Ticks all my boxes, Joan! beautifully!

  6. it needs nothing else, I love it!
    p.s. cooking is not my thing either. I'd rather clean.

  7. This card made me grin!!!! Love it.

  8. This card is so happy and full of cheer. The dots, strings and bows make the card. Love it!


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