Dec 10, 2017

All Good Things

When I googled "social media envy," I noticed that most of the articles tell us not to be jealous because social media does not reflect reality. That smiling family gathered around the perfect Thanksgiving table? Their son is on probation and just stabbed his sister with a fork. And Aunt Betsy's daughter just moved back home after deciding that working was for chumps. So feel better -- their perfect life is actually horrible. In fact, I pretty much focused on that point in this blog post.

But I got to thinking. I don't want to feel better just because I know that sometimes your life sucks.

I know that life is like a blender, with stuff that just keeps flying out, settling in our homes and our hearts in ways that fit perfectly and bring joy, and in other ways that are sharp and very painful, sometimes devastating. And my brain knows that it's not worth 10 seconds of my life weighing how much of the good stuff comes flying out of my blender compared to yours or some stranger I think I know on the internet.

So this season I hope your life is churning out all good things, and if you want to share them on social media, I will enjoy them. And if your life includes a few sharp or painful moments, I'm sorry. I hope those moments are very few and that you find some peace and joy this holiday season.


  1. It’s easy to envy the “perfect” social media lives, for me anyway. We all need a reality check at times, thanks for this post. Wishing you a joyous, healthy holiday season!

  2. So true..... laughing through the season... so I don't cry!

  3. How are you feeling? I think about you often and hope you are stronger each day. I hope you have very few sharp moments in 2018 - you've had more than your share already.

  4. Love this post...Have an awesome week!

  5. Very timely and the perfect holiday wish. Back at you, Joan, with a big hug thrown in for good measure. 😘😊

  6. I get it. No, that's not a good reason to feel better. Wishing you a healthy and happy reality, Joan.


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