Jul 18, 2013

Faux Washi

Here's a quick one layer that uses stamps that look like washi tape and ink, rather than real washi tape.   Why faux? 

I answer questions all day.  This is a hobby.  No need to explain....


Stamps:  Stampin Up, Close to My Heart (flower) and I just cannot remember where the sentiment is from cause I'm tired and thinking about life and all that....


  1. I like! Very much! (explanation not reqd)

  2. You know, I think I would use stamps to make faux tape vs the tape itself. That way I can always have the color I need, where I NEVER have the color I need when I do manage to try and put ribbon, tape, etc., on my projects

    1. I agree. I know that if I start buying more washi, I'll want every color and style. NO!!!

  3. I am now caught up with your entries. Enjoyed Every One ! I am with you on the Washi Tape. I am ordering that stamp set instead. What I do have is neutral ones...and it seems ' a colored one would be better' every time I go to use one. Problem solved! Loving your cards. Again, so happy you are back amongst us!
    Lu C

  4. Wonderful CAS card Joan. Great colors and layout. I never got into washi tape, but I really like the faux washi tape stamps. Go figure.

  5. Me likey. (I am a teacher I can write that way if want. ;) )


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