Jul 24, 2013

Dear Not Fat Person

Maybe you're not fat because you exercise self control and/or your body.  Maybe your genes are helping you.  Maybe you find food boring.  Maybe you prefer broccoli to potato chips.  Maybe you were born that way and wish you had a few more curves.  Maybe you are not fat today but you were fat yesterday.  Maybe you are sick and would love to put on a few pounds.  Whatever the reason, I'm not holding it against you.

I know, I know, most serial killers are not fat. 
Most members of Congress are not fat. 
Most dictators are not fat. 
Most drug addicts are not fat. 
Most criminals are not fat. 

But I'm not going to assume that you are evil or skanky or a bad person or scary just because your BMI is normal. It wouldn't be fair to make those assumptions about you ....

No need to thank me....


  1. DANG IT!! I want to make the assumption that the Non Fat people are evil, skanky, scary and ABNORMAL!!

    (because despite trying to put in an average of 60+ miles a week of biking and walking/jogging I have lost a total of ZERO pounds!! And yes, I've also been keeping track of what I eat. Why? Beats me! Eat good (i.e. deny myself of "junk" food, desserts, etc) don't lose weight. Eat bad (give into the junk food, desserts, etc) and I don't lose or gain (which, I guess, is a plus).

    Please, please!! Can't we just make a FEW assumptions? (wink)

  2. You need to look at the positive side of things....
    My very scientific study conducted over many years has shown that the best, friendliest, most successful crafters are horizontally challenged!
    I have noticed this trend at stamp conventions, craft stores, craft club meetings, and the like. Just sayin'

  3. it would seem that as my hubby loses weight and no matter how sick I stay, I continue to gain pound after pound. if that isn't proof that God has a sense of humor then I don't know what is..... poo on being heavy. even while eating all of my veggies and fruit, too. oh well. at least I have the happy part down! :)

    so glad to hear you are losing. I am very proud of you! the exercise most certainly has to help.

    have a good weekend!

  4. LOL!!! I was born not fat. But if it makes you feel better, I am getting fatter and fatter as the years pass!!


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